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Avighna Vastuis one of the best vastu Consultant in Ranchi, Jharkhand. It Provides all kinds of solution of Vastu Dosh without destruction of home or Business in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Avighna Vastu is promoted by Pt. Radhey Shyam. He is well known vastu consultant in Ranchi, Jharkhand & having deep knowledge in this field. Specialization of Vastu by Avighna Vastu, Promoted by Pt. Radhey Shyam.


Puja ghar in north east

Kitchen in south east

Master bedroom in south west

Boring/well in north east

Center of house/flat should be open

East & North should be more open in comparison to south & west

If the situation of home is not like above then it can also be rectified without destruction


The way human body is combination of 5 elements (soil, water, fire, sky,air) the same way home also require same combination of above mentioned elements. It is said that human as well as home should be perfect combination of these elements. Home if made by taking consideration of 5 elements may give followings good posture Good health Mental Peace Good Income Tension free atmosphere Name-Fame & overall development Help in increasing Concentration for study


Ganesha Statue(in different posture) Swastik made with pyramids Crystal ball Navgrah yantra one unit of pyramid(contains 91 pyramid) Bagua yantra(used in outdoor) Triyantra( For kitchen) Convex Mirror( for outside obstacles) Pyramid caps(for meditation, study & making pyramid water) Different pyramyd swastik Different yantra(Surya Yantra, On Yantra) Pyramid staircase yantra FACTS ABOUT VASTU Vastu is science; It is also mentioned in Vedas Carnelian tree is very much beneficial for career The presence of tortoise provides us long life & good health It is also useful in business Bgua Darpan is used in front of home, if the main door is faced any obstacle like tree,Pole,high building etc Crystal ball finishes the negative energy from home The combine use of Vastu, Pira vastu,provide peace of mind, business growth, good relation The main theme of Vastu is the proper place of Water, Fire,Air,Earth, & sky in the house as well as in business place Lord Ganesha is consider as one of the best solution for vastu dosh Swastik combined with Pyramid is very good for rectification of Vastu dosh Pyramid water stand incorporated with 91 pyramids, Drinking water passing through it is extremely beneficial. Pyra bath yantra is used to rectify the Vastu dosh of toilet Frog with three legs in the house/business place is very good for increasing wealth & development of business Laughing Budhdha provides growth in business as well peace</

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