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Company rectify the followings problems Poor Visibility, Salt Deposition, Light Distortion, Water Spots, Rainbow Image, Oil Stains, Mikyness of Glass, Dull Glass, Wiper Marks, Scratches, Iron deposit, Acid marks. VAV CARES is the only & sole distributor of GLASS POLISH INDIA LTD in Jhharkhand & Bihar.It is one of the best glass polish in Ranchi, jharkhand. Our service is ecofriendly & one of the best in Jharkhand & Bihar. We specialize in scratch & defect glass By polishing glass we just save your new price of purchasing the glass WHY GLASS POLISH With blend combination of good training & high technology we use it GLASS POLISH SYSTEM VAV Care is the sole authorized dealer of glass polish Ind
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: Md. Shahazada Siddiquee
: Shanti Nagar, H.B. Road, Kantatoli, Ranchi, 834002
: 9905331112, 8539999329
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